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“The interactive method is so helpful. Derek recommends watching the videos several times and it really helps. I now feel much more confident speaking to colleagues and customers in English.”

Andreas, IT Consultant from Germany 

“I’ve noticed that my fluency has improved, and I’m no longer afraid of awkward silences because now I know how to keep the conversation going with colleagues. I highly recommend Derek’s course!”

Ana, Industrial & Systems Engineer from Mexico

“Derek is a real expert in this field. The course is well-organized and concise. In no time, you will find yourself making small-talk with people with confidence.”

Leslie, Financial Analyst from Taiwan

“I highly recommend Derek as a teacher. His course helped me gain confidence. The lessons are short and you can watch or listen to them wherever and whenever you want. Derek is very nice, always smiling with good vibes and that’s very welcome. With him English lessons are worthwhile!”

Anne-Sophie, Packaging Buyer from France

“I liked the interactive videos. The example sentences are awesome and very helpful in my day-to-day usage.”

Venkat, Software Engineer from India

“I’m almost in the middle of the course and I’m very satisfied with my progress. I’m more confident when I participate in different types of discussions. I recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve their abilities in conversational English.”

Bistra, University Professor from Bulgaria

“I highly recommend this course! As a worker with no time to dedicate to an English course, this is exactly what I was looking for. The course is well-structured and effective.”

Serena, Trainee Lawyer from Italy

“The course is really useful and gives you really practical knowledge. In just one month, I can feel that I’m speaking much more fluently, and I’m not scared to speak with native speakers.”

Eva, International Key Account Manager from Hungary

“Your course is very effective. Real conversation examples make people remember the lessons easier and make it more influential. Can’t wait to watch the next lesson, thank you.”

Onur, Mechanical Engineer from Turkey

more feedback on derek's coaching skills

“Dear Derek, I can highly recommend your coaching. It is extremely important that I have sufficient knowledge of the language to be able to engage in business small-talk at an international level. This is exactly what I gain through your teaching methods. Many thanks once again and keep it up.”

Oliver, Tourism Industry CEO from Austria

“Hi Derek, I have learned a great deal from your coaching! Before we started, I avoided all contact with English. Today, I really enjoy using the language and I’m much more confident. In a nutshell, the methods you use are very effective! I highly recommend your training.”

Simon, Hygiene Industry CEO from Austria

“Dear Derek, “Yes, I can!” – as a result of your training, I am now in the position to communicate both confidently and spontaneously in English. Thank you!”

Brigitte, HR Director from Austria

“Dear Derek, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your commitment. Your lessons are exactly what I needed, and I enjoy using what I have learned in my work and my everyday life.  Learning English with you is fun and I would be happy to recommend your coaching. Thank you!”

Johann, Entrepreneur from Austria

“Personally, I view Derek as being highly professional and extremely creative. He is able to draw from a large portfolio of teaching materials and methods. Derek, I would like to thank you personally – rarely have I taken so much from a language course. Many thanks!”

Mario, Operations Manager from Austria

“I highly recommend Derek’s coaching. He speaks very clear and understandable English. I was able to learn a great deal in a short space of time and he helped me improve in my areas of weakness. The content of the lessons was well chosen and very well prepared and Derek’s style of teaching was new to me – it was very interesting, helpful and a lot of fun. Thank you Derek”

Michael, Operations Director from Austria

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