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A self-paced course that gives you the confidence to communicate fluently & effectively with colleagues, customers & business partners

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Go from “I don’t feel comfortable speaking English at work” to “Wow - I can really do this!”

Making conversation with colleagues and customers in English can be a huge challenge. Sometimes it’s hard to follow people or to react quickly and be part of the conversation. Maybe you can do this very well in your first language, but you feel that your English is stopping you from making progress in your job. You have colleagues who are more fluent and confident and you want to be like them – you want to have great conversations and build great relationships at work. After all, great relationships can lead to great opportunities.

Another problem I often hear is that people have very little time to invest in learning English – they have busy jobs and find it hard to arrange lessons at the same time every week.

So, what if there was a flexible and effective way to boost your English conversation skills. Something that would help you have those “Wow – I can really do this!” moments at work. Well, that’s exactly why I created Confident English Conversation For Professionals. I wanted to create a flexible and effective video course that helps busy professionals become more confident and fluent when making small-talk at work.

Why small-talk? People often ask me to coach them in English for meetings, presentations, email writing and so on, but the request I’ve had most often over the years is: I want to feel more confident making small-talk and conversation at work.

Small-talk and conversation is so important for building good relationships at work and I want to help as many people as possible to do that with confidence.

It’s time to finally do something about your English! Let me help you make small-talk with confidence!

course feedback

Derek’s teaching methods help me to get out of my comfort zone and speak English with confidence. Interactive and entertaining without thinking about grammar rules and mistakes.”

Sira, Accountant from France

“The course was great! I really like the method, I learned a lot and now I feel more confident when I have conversations with clients. Thanks so much, Derek!”

Michael, Property Developer from Austria

“I have immediately found catchy the course created by Derek, first because you have all of Derek’s tips just in one element and second it is user-friendly, it has helped my attitude and behaviour towards colleagues and customers, I recommend it.”

Paolo, Client Group Manager from Italy

“Derek’s lessons are very practical and useful in everyday life, both for informal conversations as well as the more formal ones at work. The course is really enjoyable and interesting for busy people. It’s worth the investment.”

 Gustavo, Accountant from Brazil

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